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  • Team District

    Team District

    Il tuo network di designer pazzeschi. Una piattaforma, una community, ma soprattutto un team di curatori che prende il tuo talento e lo diffonde nel mondo.

  • Vijaya Das

    Vijaya Das

    Interaction Designer @Google, a traveller at heart, finds cooking theraputic😌, obsessed about Minions and Ghibli movies✨, ice breaker 🙌

  • Daniele Scillia (Dan The Dev)

    Daniele Scillia (Dan The Dev)

    Senior Backend Developer @MyMenu - Passionate Dev, deeply into TDD, DDD and Microservices

  • Marco Bronzi

    Marco Bronzi

    Product Designer @ Casavo \\ Leave a message after the beep.

  • Alessandro Dadone

    Alessandro Dadone

    Tech, travel, adventures — born in Italy, grown up all over the world | Product Manager @ Casavo ❤

  • Lahesh Kavinda

    Lahesh Kavinda

    HCI & Design

  • Jaga Santagostino

    Jaga Santagostino

    Independent Software consultant lavoro.dev — milano.dev @reactjs_milano organizer — photographer

  • Filomena Sepe

    Filomena Sepe

    UX / UI Designer at Finsa S.p.A.

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